Friday, June 5, 2009

Not Quite Givenchy.., but..

Having seen the insane boots on Judy's awesome blog, Atlantis Home, I became obsessed. I was not sure if these boots would look high fashion, or Puss in Boots from Shrek on someone of my meager stature, but they were driving me crazy anyway. I set out in search of them, or something similar. Sadly, I think at times the whole world is reading the same blogs I do, and run out and buy up all the things I start craving before I get around to buying them :) I searched high and low, having exhausted every online shoe vendor known to me, until the light bulb went on - Amazon! A few clicks, and I found surprisingly similar-looking boots made by Pleaser USA - figures - a stripper shop! They claimed even to be made from leather - $98. Hmmm... Now that they arrived, I'm not completely convinced they are leather, but I'll take the label's word for it. They look and feel surprisingly good. Stripper shoes strike again.

Top - Judy's Givenchys; bottom - Pleaser USA

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